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Genamics SoftwareSeek

Genamics SoftwareSeek is a respository and database of freely-distributable and commercial tools for use in molecular biology and biochemistry. Windows, MS-DOS, Mac, Unix and Linux platforms are supported, as well as online tools that run through your internet browser. The database presently contains more than 1300 entries, and is growing rapidly.

Biochemistry (106)
Chemistry (105)
DNA Sequence Analysis (245)
Educational (113)
Format Conversion Utilities (52)
Genetics (210)
Genome Analysis (99)
Graphing and Statistical Analysis (64)
Image Analysis (49)
Laboratory Utilities (88)
Medical (54)
Miscellaneous (141)
Molecular Modeling (179)
Non-science (16)
PCR (71)
Phylogenetic Analysis (91)
Protein Identification (52)
Protein Sequence Analysis (185)
Protein Structure Analysis (99)
Protein Structure Prediction (73)
RNA Structure Prediction (22)
Reference (33)
Sequence Alignment (165)
Sequence Presentation (64)

Recent Additions
Check out the latest additions to SoftwareSeek.

Advanced Search
Search the library by a combination of platform, program name, and classification or by a keyword.
Check the database often - new programs and tools are added regularly.

Add or Modify the Database
We want to keep this software archive as comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date as possible. If there are any programs (free or commercial) or online tools not listed here, please contribute to the database.

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